Vega Alta Films is an independent production company based in Paris, France, focusing on international co-productions. We are interested in projects characterized by formal risk-taking and experimentation.

The catalog includes the feature film “I want to make a movie” (2020) by Yimit Ramírez, the short documentaries “Abyssal” (2021) and “History is written at night” (2024) by Alejandro Alonso and the short documentary “Four Holes” (2023) by Daniela Muñoz Barroso.

Current projects include Alejandro Alonso’s feature documentary “The Star” and Yimit Ramirez’s virtual reality documentary project “The Eyes of Mila Kaos

Boris Prieto

I come from a background in IT and project management and when I got into the world of cinema, it seemed to me that producing was a good way to go.

I also come from Cuba, a traumatic island that stays in my skin and follows me in some of my projects.

Accompanying a filmmaker from the idea, helping that film to see the light and sharing it with an audience eager for dreams and questions about the world, is one of the most beautiful and complete professions that exist.